Outliner for 3DSmax

Posted by Washington Proença

Version: 1.61
Author Name: Pier Janssen

Description & Features:
I've written this tool mainly because I find the existing selection tools in 3dsmax very poor and rather unpractical. The main goal was to create a tool which gives you a good hierarchic overview of the objects in your scene, and enables you to quickly select objects (with a single click!). Next to that, I wanted to make object parenting/linking more intuitive and easy.

Tree view display of scene and hierarchy.
Layer and Hierarchy mode.
Single click object selection.
Drag & Drop object linking and grouping.
Simple object selection within groups.
Object renaming.
Filter by object type.
Select objects by name.
Visual representation of object type (icons).
Parent highlighting (green).
Hidden objects are still shown, in grey text.
Window can be kept open all the time.

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